REFOG Free Keylogger

REFOG Free Keylogger Version 4.63 Free

Monitor your PC usage in detail and also keep track of the keyboard keystrokes in parallel

REFOG Free Keylogger is a free to download software that can be used to monitor the keystrokes that a user makes using the PC’s keyboard. What makes this program so popular is the fact that it does not contain any unwanted bloatware that makes it cumbersome to use. Users, especially parents, will find that this application offers an effective way to monitor their child’s activities while using the PC at home. REFOG Free Keylogger can also help companies to keep a leash on their office employees by monitoring their PC usage while in office.
If you want REFOG Free Keylogger to be configurable by only you, you can set a password to manage its settings so that others don’t get access to it and make changes to the program. The setup process of REFOG Free Keylogger is very much simple and straightforward and users should be done with it in less than a minute. The program is good at capturing all kinds of keystrokes including those which have been entered in internet messengers, email, password text boxes and search queries. Apart from keystroke logging, REFOG Free Keylogger can also maintain logs of the websites that a user views. Even if the user clears the browser’s history, the information is persisted in a separate database that REFOG Free Keylogger maintains. In addition to this, the program can be used to record all the applications that get executed on the PC.
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